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Italy Budget Travel Tips - How to Save Money on Your Italian Vacation


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Tips for Spending Less on Your Vacation in Italy
Even with increasing costs and decreasing dollar value, an Italy vacation can still be affordable. Here are tips to help you save money on your Italy vacation.
  • Visiting Italy's Top Three Cities: When visiting Rome, Venice, or Florence, I often stay outside the city, going in by train for a day trip. You'll usually get better value accommodations and restaurants. See Tips for Rome, Venice, or Florence.
  • When to Travel in Italy: Summer in Italy can be hot and crowded, especially on the coast. Consider traveling in spring or fall. You're more likely to find bargains and fewer tourists. If you spend time indoors in museums, try winter travel for the best bargains.
  • Saving Money on Food: Many restaurants offer a reasonable set menu at noon. Eat your big meal then and have pizza or a picnic in the evening. Shopping at local food markets not only helps you save money but allows you to mingle with locals. See How to shop for food in Italy for more about open air markets and grocery stores. When eating at a restaurant in a tourist area, walk a couple blocks away for better prices. If breakfast isn't included in your hotel rate, go to a local bar for your coffee and pastry. In many cities, sitting at a table will cost more than standing at the bar.
  • Save Money with Vacation rentals: Self-catering vacation rentals and agriturismo stays offer an affordable alternative to hotels. They often cost less and give you the option of eating some meals at home, a further savings. See Self Catering Vacations on Europe Travel.
  • Get Off the Beaten Track: I've been to every region of Italy and can honestly say that each one has interesting things to see and do. If you've been to the top destinations, try some place less frequented by tourists. Off the beaten track suggestions
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