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Italy Gifts Guide

What to Buy for the Italophile on Your Gift List


Use this guide to Italian gifts to find things to buy for the Italophile on your gift list or someone who is planning a trip to Italy. You might want to buy something for yourself, too.

Italy Gift Books

In this list you'll find recommended gift books about Italy, Italian language, Italian food, and photos of Italy. You're sure to find something on this list for anyone who loves Italy or Italian food, is studying the language, or is planning a trip.

Venice Novels

Venice is one of Italy's most romantic places and makes a fascinating setting for historical fiction and mysteries. These recommended books take place in Venice and include historical fiction set in 16th, 17th and 18th century Venice and mysteries and a novel set in modern Venice. These are great gifts for anyone who loves Venice.

Books about Life in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of Italy's favorite regions for travelers and many books have been written about this picturesque part of Italy. Reading about Tuscany with its wealth of traditions and history is a great pleasure. These recommended books were written by people living in Tuscany.

Italy Apps

Apps about places in Italy make great and inexpensive gifts for anyone who has an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. They are good travel companions and the beautiful photos make them excellent for travel planning and armchair travel.

Italy Cookbooks, Food Books and Apps

Eating is one of the great pleasures of a trip to Italy. These cookbooks, travel food books and apps are good gifts for foodies interested in Italian food as well as travelers planning a trip to Italy.

Movies that are Set in Italy

Watching a movie that's set in Italy is a great way to enjoy Italy when you're not there. Here are my picks for the top films to get you in the mood for an Italian vacation.

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Italian Music CDs

Our list of Italian Music CDs includes popular singers, classic Italian music of the postwar era, and music of great Italian tenors including Pavarotti. Italian music is a great way to practice Italian language skills or enjoy a slice of Italian culture at home.

Andrea Bocelli Music

Popular tenor Andrea Bocelli is one of Italy's most beloved performers. Here are top CDs and DVDs of his music and a book of his memoirs.

Dream of Italy Gift Store

Dream of Italy's store has Italian themed Christmas cards and Italian gifts including Venetian glass jewelry, framed photos, and gift subscriptions.

Italy Themed Calendars

You'll find 2014 calendars with Italy themes including Italian language, wine, and photos of Tuscany and Italy on La Piazza di Carolina's calendar page. There's also a good selection of Italian Christmas books and items.

Italy Guidebooks

These Italy guidebooks would make good gifts for the person planning a trip to Italy.

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