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Map of Lazio, Italy, showing Rome and other major cities

Lazio, Italy, Travel Information and Map


Lazio is the region that contains Rome--but Lazio's other attractions are formidable, from decorated Etruscan tombs to Rennaisance Palaces to volcanic lakes.
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Map of Lazio - The Lazio Region of Italy, showing the major cities

Map of Lazio, Italy © 2006 by James Martin, Europe for Visitors
Lazio lies along the Tirrenian coast in Central Italy; it was heart of the Roman Empire, the Papal State and Italy.

Northern Lazio was Etruscan country. Ancient Eturia lied between the Appennines and the River Tiber. Necropoli etrusca are mostly what remains, many still bearing faint paintings.

34 km east of Rome is the city of Tivoli, where the day tripper from Rome might take in the ruins of Hadrian's villa and the delightful gardens and fountains of the Villa d'Este.

South of Rome are the Colli Albabi volcanic complex of hills and lakes where rich Romans build Renaissance and Barroco villas to escape the heat and bustle of Rome, including the Pope. Nearby is Frascati, where you can sit on long comunal tables and guzzle the local vino, a perfect refresher on a hot day.

West of Rome is one of our favorite Roman city in ruins, Ostia Antica.

And all this history can be combined with beaches, of course. Formia, on the southern edge of Lazio, was along the Appian way in Roman times, and hosts Cicero's tomb--but is also know for its modern beaches.

To get a closer view of the attractions of Lazio, zoom in to the Lazio region by using our Northern Lazio Map or our Southern Lazio Map.

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