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Northern Lazio Map: Viterbo Province to Rome

Northern Lazio is Etruscan country--beautiful and serene


Use our Northern Lazio map to plan travel in Lazio or day trips from Rome.
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Lazio Map: Travel Map of the northern Lazio region showing cities, towns and archaeological sites to visit.

Map of Lazio, Italy © 2006 by James Martin, Europe for Visitors

Northern Lazio Map Notes: The mauve dots indicate Etruscan places to visit, the green dots are interesting towns without much Etruscan association and the golden triangle is an area known as the Etruscan Triangle, for its wealth of cultural remains, mostly tombs.

Starting from the North on the Northern Lazio Map

Bagnoregio, or the dying Civita di Bagnoregio, is the abandoned town on a soft tufa ridge made famous by Rick Steves.

Montefiascone is a nice medieval town on a volcanic ridge overlooking Lake Bolsena and home to the wine some say is the best white in Italy: EST! EST! EST!

Bomarzo is famous for its "Monster Park." Known at its inception in 1552 as the "Villa of Wonders" for its fantastic statuary.

A top example of an Italian Renaissance garden can be seen at Villa Lante Gardens, near Viterbo.

Soriano - See the Castello Orsini and check out the views, then walk around the Renaissance town which surrounds it. (History)

Caprarola - Visit the Farnese Palace, an outpost of the rich and famous from 1559.

Barbarano Romano has a castle, a view of the gorge of the River Biedano and some cave/tombs, plus it offers places to stay while visitng Parco Regionale Marturanum, inside the park is Necropoli di San Giuliano, where you'll find a percorso etrusco, or Etruscan walk that will take you through Etruscan and Roman ruins in the scenic countryside. Blera is an ancient town with Etruscan Etruscan roots nearby.

Etruscan Lazio

Of all the places you can go on the map to visit Etruscan places, Tarquinia should be your first choice because of its archaeological museum in the Palazzo Vitelleschi. The Etruscan town and its necropolis date back 3000 years and consist of around 600 painted tombs (Tomb Pictures). You can get to Tarquinia using the Roma-Ventimiglia line departing from Roma Ostiense station.

The second most important archaeological site may well be that of Cerveteri, about a mile from the main piazza in town. It consists of dozens of "tumulus" tombs.

The cliff Tombs of Norchia are also interesting,

for more on Eturscan places in northern Lazio, see our Northern Lazio - Viterbo Province and Etruscan Country of Lazio resources.

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