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Maps of Italy - Italian Geographical City and Road Maps

Maps of Italy - including a map showing the geography of Italy. Find your way around Italy with these maps.
  1. Italy Region Maps (24)

Italy Airports Map
Italy airports map - a map showing the major italian airports with links to airport websites and other airport information.

Italy City Map and Distance Calculator
Map showing 18 of Italy's major cities on the mainland with a distance calculator for finding the distance between any two of them.

The Geography of Italy - Map of Italian Geography
Find out the lay of the land, the Geography and facts about Italy, with our map.

Gulf of Poets Maps - Gulf of La Spezia and Portovenere
Our Gulf of Poets maps has a map of the Gulf of La Spezia showing Lerici, Portovenere, and the Cinque Terre and a map of the Portovenere area. There are also a few pictures of the Gulf of Poets region.

Italy Travel Itinerary - Milano and the Lakes Region to Venice by Trai
Some of Italy's most compelling cities lie along the short, east-west train route between Milan and Venice. Our suggested itinerary takes you through a variety of Italian landscapes--from the beauty of Italy's lake region, to the town of Shakespeare's Juliet and to the mystical city of the lagoon, Venice.

Milan Transportation Map - Getting Around Milan, Italy
Milan transportation map for figuring how to get around on public transportation in Milan, Italy, called Milano in Italian. Milan public transportation information.

Rome Piazza Farnese Map
Map of the area around Rome's Piazza Farnese, near Campo dei Fiori.

Rome Interactive Map and Transportation Information
Interactive map of Rome's historic center with transportation and other travel information from Europe for Visitors.

Interactive Map of Italy
Europe for Visitors has an interactive map of Italy. The map has clickable links to cities and destinations in Italy to help you plan your Italy travels.

Rail Travel Map - Map of Italy's Major Train Routes
This map from Europe for Visitors shows the major train routes in Italy.

Regions of Italy Travel Map
Italy is divided into 20 regions. This map shows the location of each of Italy's region.

Italy Travel Map and Essential Resources
Find out essential Italy with this map of tourist places in Italy from Europe for Visitors. Links to a Region map of Italy and a rail map of Italy.

Autostrada Interactive Map Showing Italy's Toll Roads
Wandering Italy has a good interactive map of Italy's toll roads, autostrade, with distances.

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