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What to do around Italy's largest lake: Lake Garda


Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, is located between Venice and Milan and is considered to be "one of the biggest activity playgrounds in Europe."
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Lake Garda Map Showing Cities to Visit

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Lake Garda is almost 52km long and 17km wide at the widest point in the south part of the lake. It's a 160km drive to make the loop around Lake Garda. At its deepest point the lake reaches 346m in depth.

The climate around Garda Lake supports both Alpine and Mediterranean environments. Getting close to nature is part of the Garda experience, and there are many parks around the lake, as well as the Botanic Garden found on Mount Baldo, at a height of over 1200 meters, accessible from the town of Malcesine.

Travelers call Grotte di Catullo on the Sirmione peninsula an archeological wonder. The family house of Catulla, a writer or senator of the Roman empire, is situated in a spectacular point on the peninsula, surrounded by olive and lemon trees.

For detailed information about the lake, its towns, and its attractions, see our Lake Garda Travel Guide. Plan where to stay with these top guest-rated Riva del Garda Hotels and Desenzano del Garda Hotels. See Venere.com for more Lake Garda Hotels.

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