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Matera Sassi Photos

Photos of Sassi Cave District in Matera, Italy


Enjoy our photos of the sassi, or stone dwellings, in Matera, Italy. Matera's caves have been inhabited since prehistoric times and centuries ago people started carving houses into the soft limestone cliffs as well. You can view the picturesque sassi district from above in the historic center of Matera's medieval city or from below at San Pietro Caveoso Church or you can wander through the sassi on the stone pathways and staircases as you'll see in these photos.

Find out more about visiting Matera, including where to stay and what to see, in our Matera Travel Guide and enjoy the city at night with Europe Travel's Pictures of Matera at Night.

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matera photos, sassi photosView of the Sassi matera photos, sassi photosSassi from Abovematera photos, sassi photosStone Stairs into the Sassimatera photos, sassi photosSassi at Twilight
matera photos, sassi photosStone Dwellings matera photos, sassi photosView from Hotel Terracematera photos, sassi photosCathedral and Sassi at Twilightmatera photos, sassi photosSassi Container Garden
matera photos, sassi photosPhoto of Rock with Cross
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