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Milan Transportation - Getting to Milan and Getting Around Milan

Milan has a good public transportation system and it's easy to get to Milan from either of its airports and around Milan once you're there. Here is information about transportation to Milan and public transportation in Milan.

Milan Transportation Map - Getting Around Milan, Italy
Milan transportation map for figuring how to get around on public transportation in Milan, Italy, called Milano in Italian. Milan public transportation information.

How to Get from Rome to Milan
Find out how to get from Rome to Milan.

Milan Linate Airport Information
Linate airport is Milan's smaller airport and is 7km east of Milan.

Milan Malpensa Airport Information
Information about Milan's Malpensa Airport 45 km northwest of Milan and one of Italy's largest airports. It serves flights from the United States and all over the world.

Malpensa Airport Recommended Hotels
Hotels near Milan's Malpensa Airport recommended by James Martin, Europe Travel.

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