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Italian Cities - Best Travel Destinations in Italy

Find the best travel destinations within Italy here. Cities like the red city of Bologna, the fashion capital Milan, cheesy Parma and the site of the 2006 Winter Olympics, Turin.
  1. Bari (5)
  2. Bologna (8)
  3. Brescia Italy (8)
  4. Cremona (4)
  5. Genoa (13)
  6. Milan (41)
  7. Naples (41)
  8. Parma
  9. Pavia (4)
  10. Pisa (12)
  11. Ravenna Italy (8)
  12. Rimini (8)
  13. Sorrento - Amalfi Coast (8)
  14. Stresa - Lago Maggiore (2)
  15. Treviso (5)
  16. Turin - Torino (16)
  17. Verona (13)
  18. Vicenza (5)

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Italy's Main Cities
Find out the population of Italy's 60 largest cities, good information to determine if you feel confident driving in the larger ones. Click on the links to find out more--weather, maps, and postal codes. Great resource on Italian cities.

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