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Museums in Italy

Italy has a huge number of outstanding museums. Here you'll find information about some of the best museums in Italy, including archaeology and art museums.

Buying Museum Tickets Before You Go
While you can visit most museums in Italy without a reservation, there are a few that you will want to book in advance to avoid long waits and a few where reservations are mandatory. These are the top sites and museums that you should buy tickets ahead for and where to buy them.

Top Museums in Italy
Italy has a wealth of museums displaying art and artifacts from prehistory through modern days. Find out which museums have what you want to see with this guide to Italy's top museums.

The Best Archaeology Museums in Italy
Archaeological museums are some of Italy's top museums. Italy's archaeology is rich and varied, with artifacts from many mediterranean cultures.

Borghese Gallery Visiting Information
The Borghese Gallery, one of the top museums in Rome, is housed in Villa Borghese mansion and contains marble sculptures by Bernini and other major art works. Find out what to see and how to visit the Borghese Museum and Gallery.

Michelangelo in Italy
Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarroti created multiple masterpieces during his lifetime and the majority of these works can still be viewed...

National Archeology Museum of Naples
The Naples Archeology museum is the top archeological museum in Italy. Here is information about what to see and how to visit this museum.

Pompeii Visitors Guide
Our visitor guide and tips for visiting the town and ancient site of Pompeii include where to stay, night tour information, pictures, and tips for visiting the ancient Pompeii excavations, an open-air museum.

Museum of Roman Gilded Bronzes
Visiting information for the Museum of Gilded Bronzes, where you can see a rare group of gilded bronze sculptures from Ancient Rome in the Marche region of Italy.

Visiting The Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel visiting information, history, and art. The Sistine Chapel is a major attraction in Vatican City and a highlight of a visit to the Vatican Museums. The Sistine Chapel has ceiling and altar frescoes and art works by Renaissance artists including Michelangelo. Red about the art and history of the Sistine Chapel.

The Uffizi Gallery
The Uffizi Gallery (Galleria degli Uffizi) in Florence, is one of the most important museums in the world for Renaissance art. Learn more about the history of the Uffizi and how to get tickets.

Vatican Museums Visiting Information
Visiting information for the Vatican Museums located in Vatican City. Use this guide to plan your visit to the Vatican Museums.

What's Your Favorite Museum in Italy?
Readers recommend their favorite Italy museums. See submissions

Gastronomic Museums in Italy
Gastronomic musuems in Italy from the Italian Government Tourist Board, including pasta, wine, olive trees, and citrus.

Museums of Italy
Information about some of Italy's best musuems from Italiansrus.com.

Select Italy Museum Tickets
Select Italy sells advance tickets to some of Italy's most popular museums so you can avoid long ticket lines. For those living in the US, this is a convenient way to buy museum tickets and make reservations.

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