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Naples Travel Guide

Visiting Naples


Italy, Campania, Naples, islet of Megaris, Castel dell Ovo
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naples monastery picture

Santa Chiara Monastery in Naples

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Naples Introduction:

Naples, Napoli in Italian, is the third most-populated city in Italy and the biggest city in Southern Italy. Its name comes from the Greek Neapolis meaning new city. Its close proximity to many interesting sites, such as Pompeii and the Bay of Naples, makes it a good base for exploring the area. Naples is a lively and vibrant city, full of wonderful historical and artistic treasures and narrow, winding streets with small shops, making it worth at least a few days visit.

Naples Location:

Naples is in the region of Campania in Southern Italy, about 2-hours south of Rome. It sits on the coast on the northern edge of the Bay of Naples, one of the most beautiful bays in Italy. Its harbor is the most important port in Southern Italy.

Transportation to Naples:

Naples is the main transportation hub for southern Italy with several major train lines. The train and bus stations are in the huge Piazza Garibaldi, on the eastern side of the city. Naples has an airport, Aeroporto Capodichino, with flights to other parts of Italy and to Europe. A bus connects the airport with Piazza Garibaldi. Ferries and hydrofoils run from Molo Beverello to the islands of Capri, Ischia, Procida, and Sardinia.

Naples Transportation:

Naples has good public transportation and lots of traffic problems so it's best to avoid having a car. The city has a large but crowded bus network, trams, a subway, funiculars, and a suburban train line, the Ferrovia Circumvesuviana, that will get you to Herculaneum, Pompeii, and Sorrento. More about Day Trips from Naples and Naples Transportation Options.

Naples Hotels:

Here are top guest rated Hotels in Naples Historic Center and Hotels near Naples Train Station. More guest-rated Naples hotels with photos can be viewed and booked on Venere, a booking site I use myself.

Naples Food Specialties:

Pizza, one of Italy's most famous foods, originated in Naples and pizza is taken very seriously here. You'll find lots of great pizza places but be sure you look for one with a wood-burning oven! Eggplant Parmesan originated in Naples and spaghetti also became popular in Naples, try it with clams or mussels. Seafood is abundant and very good in Naples.

Where to Eat in Naples Historic Center

Naples Weather and When to Go:

Naples gets quite hot in summer so spring and fall are probably the best times to visit. Since Naples is near the coast, it's more temperate in winter than interior cities of Italy. Here are details about Naples Weather and Climate.

Naples Festivals:

Naples has one of the best New Year's Eve fireworks displays in Italy. During Christmas, hundreds of Creches or nativity scenes decorate the city and the street Via San Gregorio Armeno in central Naples is filled with displays and stalls selling Nativity scenes (see photos and Naples Nativity Pictures) or read more about Nativity Scenes in Italy.

Probably the most important festival in Naples is San Gennaro Feast Day, celebrated on September 19th at the Cathedral with a religious ceremony and procession and street fair. On Easter, there are many decorations and a big parade. During the summer, there are music festivals, too.

Naples Pictures

Take a virtual tour with these Naples pictures on Europe Travel.

Naples Tourist Information:

There are tourist offices in the main train station, Piazza Gesu Nuovo, and Piazza Martiri.

Naples Top Attractions:

Top attractions in Naples include the National Archaeological Museum, Duomo, Spaccanapoli district, shopping, the harbor, castles, and other museums. To read more about what to see and do in Naples, go to Page 2: Naples Attractions.

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