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Naples Nativity or Presepi Pictures

Nativity Displays in Naples, Italy


Naples is the top spot in Italy for presepi or Italian nativity displays. The Neapolitano style nativity displays began in the 18th century when Charles III wanted a presepe that included not just the traditional Christmas crib but also figures from everyday life. He commissioned six master woodcarvers to create scenes and intricate figurines from working people to the royal family. This presepe is now in Rome - photo and information.

Making elaborate presepi was popular with rich families in the 18th century and many of them are on display in the San Martino Museum of Naples. The tradition has continued and nearly every family in Naples sets up a nativity scene that includes traditional 18th century pieces or popular modern figures and they can be quite entertaining.

Enjoy our pictures of Naples nativity scenes and work shops.

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naples nativity photo, naples presepe picturePresepe or Nativity Scene in Naples Cathedralnaples nativity photo, naples presepe pictureManger in a Broken Pagan Temple in the Duomo Presepenaples nativity photo, naples presepe pictureVillage Scene in the Naples Duomo Presepenaples nativity workshop photo, naples presepe pictureScenes and Figures in a Presepe Shop
naples nativity photo, naples presepe pictureClose-up of Fish Seller Figurinenaples nativity workshop photo, naples presepe pictureClose-up of a Popular Neapolitan Figurenaples nativity photo, naples presepe pictureFulvio and Gabriella Forte in Their Shopnaples nativity workshop photo, naples presepe pictureStatuette of Pope with a Cast on his Wrist
naples nativity workshop photo, naples presepe shop pictureArtisan Making Clay Nativity Figures naples nativity workshop photo, naples presepe picturePicture of a Modern Style Neapolitan Figurenaples presepe photo, naples nativity scene picturePicture of a Presepe in a Bread Storenaples nativity pictures, naples presepe picturesPicture of Presepe in Ferrigno Shop
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