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Pictures of Bomarzo Monster Park in Northern Lazio

A walk through the Park of Monsters makes a fine afternoon family diversion


The area of Northern Lazio, north of Rome, is packed with things to do, yet travelers seldom think of it. Bomarzo, just south of vaunted Bagnoregio, hosts the Monster Park, which features sun-dappled works giving light to the dark mythological world of the "cinquecento" or the 1500s.

When Giulia Farnese died, her husband Prince Pier Francesco Orsini called upon architect Pirro Ligorio to create a "Villa of Wonders" in homage to her. (Orsini was called upon to complete Saint Peters in Rome after Michelangelo died, and built the Villa d'Este in Tivoli, so he was no weekend tinkerer, to be sure.) Still, the park never seemed to catch on with the populace, and it remained relatively unknown until Giovanni Bettini bought it in 1954 and started to manage and restore it.

The result, a sort of mythological dream time brought to life, is now reasonably popular with those who go a little out of their way to see it and it's one of the top places to take kids.

Enjoy our Bomarzo Monster Park pictures. Click each picture to see it full size.

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orc, ogre, picture, bomarzo pictureThe Orc lures children inside and eats thembomarzo picture, monster park, three headed dogThree headed dog, guardian of the gates of hell.marine monster picture, bomarzo picture, monster park pictureThe colassal head of a marine monster waits for youbomarzo picture, sleeping nymph, dog, nymph picturePicture of the Sleeping Nymph and Her Guard Dog
pegasus picture, elephant, bomarzo, monster park, picture, bomarzo picturePicture of Pegasus in the foreground, the tortoise in the backfountain of the nymphs, picture, bomarzo pictureFountain of the Nymphs Picture - Ninfeobomarzo picture, winged dragonA winged dragon at playbomarzo picture, temple pictureA Temple Picture
bomarzo picture, tilting houseA tilting house in Bomarzo Monster Parkbomarzo picture, elephant, hannibalHannibal's fortified elephant makes an appearancebomarzo picture, herculesHercules gets the upper hand over Cacus in the fight of good versus evilbomarzo picture, bomarzo palace pictureBomarzo, the town and one of the two Orsini Palaces
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