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Val Chisone - Far From the Madding Crowd in Summer or Winter

Pictures of the northern Piemonte valley called Val Chisone


Val Chisone is perhaps one of those hidden Italian treasures that no one tells you about. Yet there's plenty of things to do in this valley surrounded by Winter Olympic venues, even in summer.

Val Chisone is the next valley south of the better-known Valle di Susa.

Here you'll find pictures of the incredible Fenestrelle Fortress; its 4000 steps take you up 650 meters, mostly via covered walkways. There are many painted mural villages, some fine local cuisine, and museums documenting the hard life of past inhabitants. And of course, mountain biking, hiking and skiing are possible almost everywhere.

Our Val Chisone photo gallery covers only a few of the possibilities for adventure here, yet it will give you an idea of the mountain scenery and breadth of touristic activities available.

Enjoy the pictures. Click each to see it full size.

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val chisone pictureThe little towns nestled in the Vall Chisone of Piemonteval chisone mapMap of the Val Chisone showing the roads, villages and tourist attractionsval chisone picturePicture of the western Val Chisone and the Lago di Lauxmuseo abitare, pinasca pictureGiuseppe Faure explaining use of old tools in Museo Abitare in Valle
pinerolo cathedral picturePicture of the decorated columns in the central nave of the Pinerolo Cathedralpinerolo pictureThe interesting ceiling of the Pinerolo Cathedralusseaux muralsPicture of the most-photographed painting in the village of Usseauxusseaux mural picturePicture of the murals and flowers in the mountain village of Usseaux.
val di chisone picture, usseaux picturePicture of wall art in the mountain village of Usseaux.val di chisone rooftop pictureCharacteristic stone slab roof of the Val Chisonefenestrelle fortress picturePicture of a fort along the access road; part of the Fenestrelle Fortressfenestrelle fortezza picturePicture of the covered stairs of the Fenestrelle Fortress.
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