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Map of the Val Chisone showing the roads, villages and tourist attractions


The Val Chisone has something for everyone, from an amazing fortress to quiet lakes to quaint villages awash in murals.
val chisone map

Map of the Val Chisone in northern Piemonte, just inside the Italy's border with France

Val di Chisone Map © 2007 James Martin
On the Val Chisone map, green indicates a village worth visiting, the blue indicates recommended lodging and restaurant locations, the orange the valleys, and the purple the tourist sites not in a village.

Sestriere, Pregelato and Pinerolo you'll remember as venues from the 2006 Turin Winter Olimpics. Pinerolo is a larger city with an interesting Cathedral and good open air market.

Laux is a lake just far enough from the road as to seem miles away from anywhere, yet you'll find a hotel and a very fine restaurant along its shores, as well as trout fishing in its shallow waters.

Usseaux is a mural town; you'll find other towns painted with murals in the Roure area to the east. There is a harmonica festival in July in Usseaux.

The Fenestrelle fortress has been called the great wall of the Alps, gaining 650 meters to the summit with almost 4000 steps to climb to get there.

Pinasca hosts the very interesting ethnographic museum Abitare in Valle which takes you back in time when life in the valley was simple and a bit harder.

Prali, in the pretty Val Germanasca, has popular lifts that will take you to many fine ski areas in winter and to explore the tredici lagi or thirteen lakes, a popular wildlife area in the summer.

San Germano Chisone hosts the Waldensian temple and museum, as well as hiking trails and other attractions.

Bella Baita is a quiet and recommended Bed and Breakfast with attached restaurant in a scenic position above the Val Chisone. (Read a review of Bella Baita)

Giovanni Agnelli of FIAT fame was born at Vilar Perosa, and the Agnelli family supports a beautiful parish church there.

The Val Germanasca is a very scenic side valley to visit all the way to the lifts at Prali, which take you to the Tredici Laghi, a great place to ski in winter and view wildlife and natural beauty in the summer. The last five pictures are from this valley.

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