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Pictures of the Italian Riviera Village of Portofino


Portofino is a beautiful village of pastel colored houses surounding a half-moon harbor on the Italian Riviera. You can reach Portofino by train from the Cinque Terre or Genoa to Santa Margherita, then either a bus or ferry to Portofino. The Portofino Ferry is a much more pleasant way to travel there, especially if you have an aversion to riding on narrow, winding roads. Read more about Portofino in our Portofino Travel Guide.

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portofino picture, boats, harborPicture of Portofino Village and Harborportofino pictureView of the harbor from the castleportofino picture, harbor, italyPortofino Harbor lined with pastel housesportofino, houses, port, pictureView from the Castle of the village and pastel houses lining the harbor
portofino picture, houses, laundryPastel Houses Lining the Harbor of Portofinoportofino picture, castello brown, harborCastello Brown on a hilltop above Portofinoportofino, trompe l'oeil, painting, houses, italian rivieraTrompe l'oeil painting on Portofino housesportofino, castle, boatsCastello Brown above Portofino's harbor
portofino coastline pictureCoastline of Portofinoportofino picture, yacht, hotelPortofino yacht and luxury hotelportofino, picture, portofino picture, italyView from the Castle of San Giorgio Church and Cemetaryportofino, picture, ferry, silver toesRelaxing on the Ferry leaving Portofino Harbor
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