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Puglia Maps - Travel Planning Maps of the Puglia Region of Italy


Puglia is Italy's hot destination. It may surprise you to know that much of Italy's wine is produced this far south, much of it used for export and blending. I especially enjoy primitivo which is Italy's version of zinfandel. Lots of olive oil is produced in Puglia as well, and I've never seen such well-tended groves of olive trees.

Puglia may also surprise you with its wealth of archaeological sites, as well as the fine Baroque styles represented in Lecce's architecture and the interesting conical houses called trulli around Alberobello. Puglia is worth a couple of weeks of slow travel; there's lots of coastline to explore.

Here is a gallery of maps to make planning your trip to Puglia easier.

Maps of Puglia:

  • City Map of Puglia: The best cities to visit in Puglia.
  • Relief Map of Puglia: See what the landscape is like, and check out the land area and population of Puglia.
  • Rail and Driving Times in Puglia: Check out transportation options and schedules for Puglia.
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