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Rome's Top Artists

The Top Artists You Should See on Your Visit to Rome


Rome is rife with ruins, but it is also awash in art from some of the most famous artists of the Renaissance and the Baroque. Following is a list of top artists travelers should pay attention to when visiting the Eternal City. Click on the artist's name to find out more about where to his art works in Rome.


Though largely associated with Florence, Michelangelo worked on many projects in Rome. The Sistine Chapel located in the Vatican Museums is by far his most impressive claim to fame. But he also drew up designs for Saint Peter's Basilica, sculpted the incredibly life-like Pieta (located in Saint Peter's), and leant his artistic sensibilities in several other architecture and works of sculpture in the city.


From elaborate fountains to sensual sculptures, the Baroque imprint of Gianlorenzo Bernini can be found all over Rome. The artist's most famous masterpieces in Rome are the Four Rivers Fountain, the bronze canopy in Saint Peter's Basilica, and the delicate marble statue group of Apollo and Daphne at the Borghese Museum.


Another Baroque artist with numerous works in Rome is Caravaggio, a painter known as much for his troubled personal life as for his superb portraits, still life paintings, and drawings. The works of Caravaggio are particularly pleasurable to view because many of them reside in churches, therefore require no admission fee.


Though he was born and raised in Umbria, Raphael became a star artist in Rome. One of the painter's most famous compositions, The School of Athens (which apparently impressed Michelangelo because of its life-like depictions, rich colors, and ideal perspective) is frescoed on the walls of one of the apartments in the Vatican Museums.

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