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Pictures of Sant' Onofrio Cloister in Rome

Frescoes and Tomb of the poet Tasso


Saint Onofrio Cloister, on the Janiculum Hill, dates from the 15th century. Frescoes with scenes from the life of the hermit Onofrio are in lunettes under the monastery arches.

Renaissance Poet Torquato Tasso lived in the monastery and died there on April 25, 1595, just before he was to be crowned with laurels. His elaborate tomb is in a chapel at the monastery.

The Tasso Museum, Museo Tassiano, inside the monastery has manuscripts and editions of his work. Nearby is a summer theater, Teatro Alla Quercia del Tasso, by an oak tree where Tasso often wrote or rested.

The monastery is home to the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. The church and cloister can be visited Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9 AM to 12:30 PM. Please offer a donation in the slot.

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sant' onofrio pictures, saint onofrio cloisterPicture of Sant' Onofrio Cloister sant' onofrio pictures, onofrio fresco pictures, saint onofrio cloisterFresco Showing a Scene from Onofrio's lifesant onofrio pictures, onofrio fresco picture, saint onofrio cloisterPicture of Fresco in Sant' Onofrio Cloister sant' onofrio pictures, onofrio statue picture, sant onofrio cloisterPicture of Sant'Onofrio Statue
sant' onofrio pictures, picture of tasso's tomb, sant onofrio cloisterPicture of Tasso's tombsant' onofrio pictures, saint onofrio cloister, tasso's tomb picturesPicture of Renaissance's best-dressed on Tasso's Tombsant' onofrio pictures, tasso's tombWho follows in the footsteps of the giants? sant' onofrio pictures, tassos bell picture, sant onofrio cloisterPicture of Tasso's Bell
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