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Rome Attractions - What to See in Rome

Rome has a wealth of interesting tourist attractions including ancient monuments, churches, catacombs, and museums. Here is information about what to see in Rome.

Top Rome Tourist Attractions
Use this guide to top Rome tourist attractions to find the best things to see and do on your vacation in Rome, Italy.

Top Ten Ancient Rome Sites - The Best Roman Ruins to Visit in Rome
The glories of Ancient Rome are easily accessible to the visitor and some can be seen for free. Here are the ten top ancient Roman sites and ruins to visit while in Rome.

Angels and Demons Top Sites in Rome and the Vatican
Angels and Demons, the movie based on the book by Dan Brown, is set in Rome and the Vatican. Here are top places you'll see in the movie.

Rome for Free - Top Things to do in Rome for Frugal Travelers
The top things to do in Rome for free or very cheap, including museums with a free visiting day, from Europe for Visitors.

Rome Photos
Explore Rome with our photos of Rome's monuments, churches, squares, and ancient Roman sites. Click on a link to go to the picture gallery where you'll see more photos.

Rome with Kids
With its ruins, restaurants, and art, Rome is a fun and fascinating place to travel with kids. There are a ton of options for entertaining kids in Rome, including parks, piazza, and museums, and we've outlined some of these attractions in the following list. And, remember, if these suggestions don't win over your brood, there's always a...

Scary Places to Visit in Rome

With thousands of years of history, it's no wonder that Rome is full of ghosts and spooky places. That's why a visit to Rome can make for a fun and exciting time, especially around Halloween. Following are some of the spooky and mysterious attractions that Rome has to offer.

Basilica San Paolo Fuori le Mure, Saint Paul Church
Basilica San Paolo Furoi le Mure, or Saint Paul Outside the Walls, is one of four papal churches. Find out what to see at Basilica San Paolo, with this illustrated look at the church.

Campo dei Fiori
Campo dei Fiori is one of Rome's most popular squares. Learn more about Campo dei Fiori's history and why Romans and tourists like to visit this square today.

Castrense Amphitheater and Monastic Gardens in Rome, Italy
Rome's second amphitheater is Castrense Amphitheater. Monastic gardens at Santa Croce in Gerusalemme church in Rome, Italy are built into the amphitheater.

Eat Pray Love Sites in Rome

Eat Pray Love, the movie based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert, has scenes set in Rome and Naples, Italy. Elizabeth Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts in the movie, spends her time in Rome searching for beauty and exploring Italian food in the first section, Eat. Here are some of the Rome locations you'll see in the movie, Eat Pray Love.

Fountains of Rome

Almost every square in Rome and the Vatican City is adorned with a beautiful fountain at its center. Like so many other elements of Rome, these fountains are pure works of art and several are tourist attractions in their own right. Following is a list of some of Rome's most famous and most lovely fountains.

Piazza Navona - A Look at Piazza Navona in Rome Italy
Piazza Navona is one of Rome's most impressive and popular squares. Take a look at the Piazza Navona and find out where to enjoy tartufo with our Piazza Navona Walking Tour.

Roman Colosseum Visitor Information
The ancient Roman Colosseum is one of Rome's most famous attractions. Learn about the Roman Colosseum's visiting hours and how to get tickets.

Spanish Steps
Visiting the Spanish Steps, one of the top attractions in Rome.

The Squares of Rome
The piazza is the center of life in Italy, so it goes without saying that there are many important public squares in Rome. Here is a list of some of the Italian capital s most important and beautiful piazze and how to get to them.

Testaccio | What to See and Do in Testaccio, Rome
Rome's Testaccio, once home to the stockyards, is an interesting neighborhood with night clubs, good food markets, and restaurants where you can taste traditional Roman food. Find out what to see and where to eat in the Testaccio neighborhood.

The Trastevere Neighborhood in Rome
Trastevere, the neighborhood "across the Tiber" on Rome's left bank, is a pleasant diversion from the tourist-heavy historic center of Rome. Learn more about what there is to see and do in Rome's Trastevere neighborhood and how to get to Trastevere.

Trevi Fountain
Find out about the Trevi Fountain, Rome's most famous fountain and a top tourist attraction.

What's Your Favorite Site in Rome?
Italy Travel readers recommend Rome top picks and favorite sites to visit in Rome. Read about favorite places to go in Rome or tell us about your top pick for Rome, Italy. See submissions

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