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The Spanish Steps

Visiting the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy


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Spanish Steps

by James Martin, Europe Travel

One of the Eternal City's top meeting spots and one of the top attractions in Rome, the Spanish Steps are an ideal perch from which to people watch or simply take a break from touring. Named for the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See (Vatican), they are the main attraction of the Piazza di Spagna.

Lain out in a monumental, tiered staircase of 138 steps, the Spanish Steps unfold below the Trinita dei Monti church and are across from the Via Condotti and its rows of designer shops. Though the Steps are clogged day and night with tourists, locals, and street vendors, they are also a venue for several events throughout the year. In the spring, the Spanish Steps are blanketed with big pots of pink azaleas – a beautiful sight to behold. In the summer, Rome hosts "Le Donne Sotto le Stelle," which is a fashion show during which models use the Steps and Piazza di Spagna as their catwalk. And, on December 8, the Day of the Immaculate Conception, the Pope himself travels to the Spanish Steps and the Trinita dei Monti by way of Via Condotti in order to celebrate the important Catholic holiday.

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