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Saint Paul Basilica, San Paolo Fuori le Mure, in Rome


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Photo of the Chains that Held Saint Paul
saint paul chains photo

Photo of Saint Paul's Chains at Basilica San Paolo in Rome

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Paul arrived in Rome in 61AD for his trial that sentenced him to death for being a Christian. He was beheaded sometime between 65 to 67AD. The chains believed to have been used to join Paul to the Roman soldier who guarded him have become an important relic. Other relics belonging to the church are displayed in the Chapel of Relics, shown on Page 4.

Below ground, under the altar that displays the chains, is a marble tombstone bearing the inscription PAULO APOSTOLO MART or Apostle Paul martyr. The tombstone sits above a huge sarcophagus. Recently, an opening was made below the Papal Altar to allow the tomb to be seen.

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