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Saint Paul Basilica, San Paolo Fuori le Mure, in Rome


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San Paolo Chapel of Relics and Picture Gallery
relics photo

Photo of the relics on display at the Church of Saint Paul Outside the Walls

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Just before the entrance to the picture gallery (where photos are not allowed) is the interesting Chapel of Relics that displays some of the church's reliquaries holding relics ranging from fingernails to bone and skull fragments, primarily from saints or former popes. There is also a piece of wood said to be from the Santa Croce, or sacred cross.

Inside the Picture Gallery are paintings, a display of liturgical vestments and religious objects, and a copy of the 9th century Carolingian Bible.

To see the Chapel of Relics and Picture Gallery, you need to buy a ticket at the biglietteria, ticket booth. The ticket also includes a visit to the beautiful monastery cloister - continue to Page 5 to see a photo.

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