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Top Rome Tourist Attractions

Things to See and Do in the Eternal City


Rome has many fantastic sights, from ancient ruins to modern monuments and museums so it's impossible to see everything in one visit. Use this guide to Rome's top tourist attractions to find the things you would most like to see and do on your vacation in the eternal city.

Top Ancient Rome Sites

rome colosseum photo
by Martha Bakerjian

Rome is full of remains from its glorious past. You'll find a variety of sites from the famous Roman Colosseum and Forum to Roman baths and catacombs. Some ancient Rome sites can be visited for free but most charge admission. Use this guide to choose which ancient monuments you want to visit.

Top Squares in Rome

Piazza Navona, Rome, cafes, pictures
© by Martha Bakerjian

The piazza or public square is the canter of life in Italy. Rome has many beautiful squares and they can be visited for free. Many have elaborate historic fountains, statues, or other works of art and there are often churches and bars or cafes on the square. Be aware that in Rome, you will usually pay more to sit at a table, especially on one of the top squares.

Top Rome Fountains

rome picture, trevi fountain
James Martin, Europe for Visitors

Rome has many beautiful fountains, ranging from simple to ornate. A few of Rome's fountains are top attractions that visitors will want to seek out.

Top Rome Churches

Loggia delle Benedizioni picture, lateran palace picture
© by James Martin

Rome's churches hold many important art works of interest to visitors and most  can be visited for free although donations are appreciated. The primary purpose of these churches is still to serve as places of worship so visitors are expected to dress and act respectfully and refrain from loud talking. Some churches don't allow photos inside, look for a picture of a camera with a line through it.

Top Rome Museums

© by Melanie Renzulli

Rome's museums cover the city's history and art from ancient times to modern.  Take a look at this list of Rome's top museums to find out which ones have what you want to see. You'll also find essential information about visiting and transportation.

Top Places in Rome for a Photo Op

rome, picture, arch, septimius severous, roman forum
© by James Martin

There are many beautiful sights in Rome that you will want to photograph but there are a few places that are ideal for snapping the best shots of Rome's monuments. Here are top places in Rome for taking the most memorable photos.

Where to See Michelangelo's Art in Rome

Rome and the Vatican City house some of the most famous works by Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarotti. Here's where to find them.

Roman Architecture and Monuments

Here's a look at Roman architecture and some of the top Roman monuments to see from the About.com Ancient History site. Find out more about Roman aqueducts and the sewer system, residences, monuments, baths, religious and political buildings, and venues for spectator events in ancient Rome.

Angels and Demons Sites

Fans of the Dan Brown book and movie, Angels and Demons, may enjoy visiting the settings for this thriller. You can take a self-guided visit to the top sites from Angels and Demons with this guide.

Eat Pray Love Sites

In the movie Eat Pray Love, you'll see lots of Rome scenes. In the first part, Eat, author Elizabeth Gilbert (played by Julia Roberts) searches for beauty and explores Italian food in Rome. Take a virtual tour of Eat Pray Love sites in Rome.

Where to Shop in Rome

No matter what kind of shopping you're looking for, you're likely to find it in Rome whether you're searching for antiques, high fashion, bargains, or food.

Rome Day Trips

While one can easily find things to do and see in Rome, sometimes it's fun to get out of the city and see other places. Here are suggestions for places that can easily be visited as day trips from Rome using public transportation.

Unique Guided Tours in Rome

If you're looking for something more than just the usual sight-seeing, you may want to consider one of these unique guided tours to add to your trip.

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