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Pictures of the Colosseum in Rome, or Amphitheatrum Flavium

Take a virtual tour of one of Rome's top tourist attractions, the Colosseum


The Colosseum, sometimes spelled "Coliseum", was built between 70 and 82 AD in the heart of Rome. It was called the Amphitheatrum Flavium or Flavian Amphitheater because it was built by the the Flavian emperors, Vespasian and Titus. Some say is was able to hold 87,000 spectators, but more likely it was around 50,000, still monumental for the time.

The Colosseum is one of the best Ancient Sites in Rome. The ticket line can be long. Read Tips for Buying Rome Colosseum Tickets for ways to avoid the long line.

There is an elevator in the Colosseum enabling those with limited ability to walk up stairs to enjoy the Colosseum.

Outside the Colosseum you'll find good photo ops with people dressed as Gladiators during peak times, but you'll have to pay them for posing. Of course there are a number of souvenir vendors, too.

Enjoy our Roman Colosseum Pictures. Click each picture thumbnail to see it full size.

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roman colosseum picture, exterior archesRoman Colosseum and its Archescolosseum picture, interiorRoman Colosseum Interior Pictureroman colosseum picture, rome colosseum exteriorPeople entering the Colosseum Groundscolosseum picture, roman colosseum, rome tours, hypogeumMain Passageway in the Colosseum's Floor
roman gladiators, roman gladiator picture, colosseum, pictureRoman Gladiators by the Colosseumcolosseum picture, interiorThe Highest Point in the Colosseum in Modern Timesroman colosseum picture, friezeA Frieze on display at the Colosseum in Romerome colosseum picture, plaque, roman writingA plaque on display at the Colosseum in Rome
colosseum picture, statue, socrates, socrates statue, pictureA statue of Socrates in Rome's Colosseumarena picture, roman colosseumView Inside the Arena or Roman Colosseum roman colosseum, colosseum picture, arch, archwayView of the Arena through an Arch at the Colosseumroman colosseum, passageway, colosseum picture, romeEntering the Lower Level of the Colosseum
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