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Roman Colosseum Interior Picture

Interior of Rome's Colosseum showing the hypogeum


The elaborate underground works inside the Roman Colosseum are exposed for you to see in this picture.
colosseum picture, interior

Roman Colosseum Picture: The interior of the Colosseum showing the floor.

Colosseum Picture © 2006 by James Martin, Europe Travel, licensed to About.com

The hypogeum was an underground network of cages, rooms and passageways for people and animals below the Colosseum. It was here that gladiators and wild animals waited to face battle in the arena. Emperors often sponsored these battles as a way to win popularity with Romans and they were attended by thousands of spectators.

Today the Colosseum of Rome is the most visited monument in Italy and entrance lines can be very long. Here's how to buy Roman Colosseum tickets to avoid the lines. The hypogeum is usually closed to visitors but can be visited on special tours such as this Dungeons and Upper Tiers Tour that offers a fascinating look under the Colosseum.

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