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Buying Rome Colosseum Tickets - How to Avoid the Line at the Roman Colosseum

Avoid the Ticket Lines at the Roman Colosseum


rome colosseum photo

Roman Colosseum Photo

by Martha Bakerjian

Visiting the Roman Colosseum is tops on the list of must see Ancient Rome Sites, but the ticket lines can be long and nobody wants to spend their vacation waiting in line. There are several ways to avoid the ticket lines.

  • Buy a combination ticket for the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum at the nearby entrance to the Palatine Hill. The combination ticket is good for two days so you don't have to get to all three sites in one day.
  • Buy your Rome Colosseum ticket online. You can print out your ticket when you buy it from Tickets Online. Visitors from the US may find it easier to reserve a date and order tickets from Select Italy with a pass that includes the Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine Hill - Rome Colosseum Pass.
  • Buy a Roma Pass or Archeologia Card. In order to avoid the Colosseum ticket line, you'll need to buy the pass or card before you go to the Colosseum. If you buy a Roma Pass, be sure to go to the Colosseum as one of your first two sites (the first two are free). Colosseum admission, with no line, is also included in the Vatican and Rome Card.
  • Take an audio tour of the Colosseum. In her suggested 4-hour walking tour of Rome, Monica Hildebrand says you can avoid the ticket line by going to the Guided Audio Tour window and buying your ticket with the audiotour.
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