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Rome Passes and Cards - Discount Passes and Combination Tickets

How to Save Money and Time when Visiting Rome, Italy


rome colosseum photo

Roman Colosseum Photo

by Martha Bakerjian

Visiting Rome's ancient monuments and museums can be costly and some have long lines at the ticket counter. Here are passes and cards to help you save money and time on your Rome vacation. You'll also avoid the hassle of having to carry money to pay for each entrance and with the some passes you won't have to buy metro or bus tickets either.

Note: Many sites and museums are closed on Mondays, be sure to check current days and hours before you go.

Roma Pass

Roma Pass includes free transportation for three days and free admission for your choice of two museums or sites. After the first two uses, Roma Pass gives the holder a reduced admission price at other museums and sites, exhibitions, and events. There are also 7 museums that are always free with the pass. Roma Pass can be used at more than 40 monuments, museums and archaeological sites. There's also a 48 hour version of the pass that includes free admission to one museum of choice and the same benefits of the 3 day pass.

Buying a Roma Pass in Rome: Roma Pass can be purchased at Tourist Information Points in Rome including the train station and Fiumincino Airport, travel agencies, hotels, Atac (bus) ticket offices, news stands, and tabacchi (tabacchi definition). Roma Pass can also be purchased directly from the museum or site ticket windows.

Buying a Roma Pass online: Roma Pass can be purchased ahead of time from the Roma Pass site. Check the web site for current prices and museums included.

Vatican and Rome Card

The Vatican and Rome Card includes admission with no waiting in line for the Vatican Museums and Colosseum, the two sites most visited when in Rome. It also includes transportation, the Open Bus Roma Cristiana, itinerary audio tours and maps, traveler medical assistance, and discounts for admission to most other monuments and museums in Rome.

Archeologia Card - Archeology Card

The Archeologia Card, or archeology card, is good for seven days from the first use. The Archeologia Card includes admission to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill, Roman National Museum sites, the Baths of Caracalla, the Villa of the Quintili, and the Tomb of Cecilia Metella on the ancient Appian Way.

Buying an Archeologia Card in Rome: The archeology card can be purchased at the entrance to any of the above sites except the last two or from the Rome Visitor Center in Via Parigi 5. The card is good for seven days of free admissions (one time per site) starting from the date of the first use. This card does not include transportation.

Buying an Archeologia Card online: Archeology cards can be purchased ahead of time from Select Italy - Archeology Card.

Appia Antica Card

The Appia Antica, or ancient Appian Way, Card is good for seven days from the first use and includes admission (one time each) to the Baths of Caracalla, the Villa of the Quintili, and the Tomb of Cecilia Metella.

Biglietto 4 Musei - Four Museum Combination Ticket

The four museum combination ticket includes one admission to each of the four National Museums of Rome (all closed on Mondays) - Palazzo Altemps, Palazzo Massimo, Diocletian Baths, and Balbi Crypt. The card is good for three days and can be purchased at any of the sites.

Rome Transportation Passes

Transportation passes, good for unlimited rides on buses and the metro within Rome, are available for one-day, three-days, seven days, and one month. Passes (and single tickets) can be bought at metro stations, tabacchi (tabacchi definition), or some bars. Bus tickets and passes cannot be bought on the bus. The pass must be validated on the first use. Passes (and tickets) must be validated by stamping them in the little machine on the bus or at a machine in the metro station before you enter the metro turnstile.

Buying Rome Colosseum Tickets

The ticket line at the Roman Colosseum can be very long. In addition to buying a Roma Pass, there are a few other ways to avoid the ticket line. Buying Rome Colosseum Tickets

Sight-seeing Information

You'll find detailed information about many of the sites included in these passes in our article, Top Rome Attractions.

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