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Rome's Villa Torlonia Visiting Information

Former Home of Mussolini, now a Public Park and Museums


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Picture of Villa Torlonia, former residence of Mussolini and now a museum in Rome

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Villa Torlonia, a lavish 19th century villa in Rome, was the residence of former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini from 1925 through 1943 and is now open to the public.

Inside the villa are beautiful frescoes, stuccoes, chandeliers, and marbles. Underneath, Mussolini had two underground structures built to protect himself and his family during air raids and gas attacks.

Villa Torlonia is part of a large complex that includes a reproduction of a frescoed Etruscan tomb, a theater, extensive gardens, and the whimsical Casina della Civette, the owl's bungalow, resembling a Swiss chalet.

Villa Torlonia Pictures

Take a look at our Villa Torlonia Pictures, including photos of the villa, its interior, the owl's bungalow, and gardens.

Visiting the Villa Torlonia Museums and Gardens

Villa Torlonia park and gardens are free to the public and concerts are often held there during summer.

The museums of Villa Torlonia, the Casino Nobile and Casina della Civetta, open at 9:00 Tuesdays - Sundays and closing hours depend on the season. Museum tickets can be bought at the entrance, via Nomentana, 70. A cumulative ticket for both museums is available and audio guides in English can be rented. The museums are part of the Roma Pass.

Villa Torlonia can be reached by bus 90 from Rome's main train station, Termini Station.

See the Villa Torlonia web site for exact hours and more visitor information.

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