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Rome 3 Day Itinerary - What to See and Do with 3 Days in Rome


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Rome Introduction and Recommended Hotels
Piazza Navona, Rome, cafes, pictures

Cafes lining Rome's Piazza Navona.

James Martin, Europe for Visitors

Rome is a popular travel destination in Italy full of attractions. Today's Rome, Roma, is a vibrant and lively city with reminders of its past everywhere. You'll encounter ancient Roman sites, medieval and Renaissance buildings and fountains, great museums, and beautiful squares. The city is a living museum of history from Roman times to present. It also boasts many fine restaurants, cafes, and good nightlife too.

Although Rome is a huge city, its historic center is small, making it easy to walk.

I recommend at least a stay of 3 full days in Rome (4 nights).

Prior to the first full day you will check into your hotel. Take some time to wander around the neighborhood near your hotel. If you want to see more of the city, take public bus number 110 (from the train station or ask your hotel for the closest stop). Riding on this bus is an inexpensive way to get a good overview of Rome.

Here are 4 recommended hotels where I have stayed:

Daphne Inn - Small, personal bed and breakfast with 2 central locations, especially good for first time visitors. They even give you a cell phone so you can call them if you have questions or need help.
Hotel des Artistes - hotel and dorm rooms near the train station.
Hotel Residenza in Farnese - Quiet, small 4-star hotel in a former monastery in a great location off Piazza Farnese near Campo dei Fiori.
Palazzo al Velabro - short-term apartments, good for families

See Where to Stay in Rome for best rated budget, luxury, and historic center hotels and more suggestions.

Tip: Buy the Rome Transportation Map at a newsstand or tourist shop. I've found it to be a good map and if you want to take a bus or the metro, it will be very useful. You might also want to buy a Rome Pass or Discount Card to use on transportation and admissions.

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