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Sardinia Travel Information and Tourist Attractions

The island of Sardinia has a lot to offer the traveler, including beautiful beaches and mountains and fascinating prehistoric and Roman archaeological sites. Here you will find travel and tourism information for the island of Sardinia, or Sardegna in Italian.
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Sardinia Highlights - Italy Off the Beaten Path
Highlights of visiting the island of Sardinia, a top off-the-beaten-path part of Italy.

Sardinia Distances - Distance between Major Cities in Sardinia
Sardinia distance calculator, map and some general information on Sardinia, including how to get to and get around Sardinia.

Paola Loi - Personal Tour Guide for Sardinia
Here is information about an excellent personal tour guide for visiting Sardinia.

Pictures of Sardinia
Here are pictures of top sights on the island of Sardinia. Our Sardinia pictures include emerald coast pictures, Sardinian archaeological sites, and towns in Sardegna.

Sea Kayaking on the Coast of Sardinia
Kayaking is a great way to explore the coast off the island of Sardinia. Find out about a kayak adventure trip on Sardinia, Italy.

Italian Island Cooking - La Cucina Sarda
Food and cooking of the island of Sardinia from the Italian Cuisine site.

Visiting Barumini Nuraghe in Sardinia
Barumini Nuraghe, or Su Nuraxi di Barumini, is a top example of a nuraghe and nuragic complex on the island of Sardinia. Find out how to visit su Nuraxi and the nuraghic complex of Barumini.

Carloforte Experiences - Thematic Experiential Paths
A group of local tourism service providers in Carloforte, on the island of S.Peter, Sardinia have created thematic experiential paths (TEPs) - one week experiences for demanding travelers that include first rate food and lodging, and thematic activities such as sports (diving, cruise or regatta sailing), local cuisine and wine tasting, tourism fishing, or walking on the island.

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