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Sea Kayaking on the Coast of Sardinia

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Sea Kayaking on the Coast of Sardinia
by Barbara Kossy, used by permission

Sardinia is known for its many beaches and clean, clear sea water off the coast so the island makes a perfect venue for kayaking. Barbara Kossy has led kayak trips in Italy since 1996, including kayak adventures on Elba, an island in the Tuscan archipelago. Now she offers kayak trips off the northwest coast of Sardinia in conjunction with Sardinian kayakers Giuseppina Pintus of Isola Kayak and Claudio Desiati of Sardinian Discovery Active Tourism. Those going on her trips will have the advantage of both a native English speaking leader who has explored Sardinia extensively and two native Sardinian kayakers.

I asked Barbara Kossy why she likes kayaking off the coast of Sardinia. Here is her response:

"I first paddled sections of the Sardinian coast north of Alghero more than ten years ago, and I've been longing to go back ever since. In my mind’s eye I see blonde granite rocks popping out of the sea like a giant toes. We kayakers floated and played among the boulders enjoying ripples and reflections. When the breeze came from land we smelled the perfume of native vegetation and the mirto plant, and remember the sweet herbaceous mirto liquor that topped off last night’s meal.

The Sardinian people have a long and dramatic history – there are more than ten thousand prehistoric archeological sites peppering the island. My favorites are the sacred water wells, paved with precision-cut basalt, and the mortarless Nuraghic fortresses and villages where the stony homes were with lined with cork bark, harvested from the many cork oak that still forest the island.

As a kayaker I am thrilled by the shear limestone cliffs, and crystalline Mediterranean waters. As a traveler I love the rough-hewn and natural ambience of Sardinia: where ancient land, rituals and ruins mesh with everyday life. My Sardinian friends are proud of their island, culture, and history and share what they love with passion. To avoid summer heat and crowds we choose to kayak off season. And what better time to go than spring, with wild flowers and a land refreshed by the winter's rain; or fall with a sun warmed sea and the fruits of harvest filling the markets."

Barbara's Kayaking Coastal Sardinia trips include nine nights of lodging with dinners as well as sight-seeing and of course, kayaks and gear. Trips start at a hotel on the Gulf of Alghero on the northwest coast, near the beautiful Spanish-style town of Alghero, then move to a second hotel further north where kayakers will have a chance to paddle near Santa Teresa Gallura, the island's northern tip. Recommended airports are Alghero for arrival and Olbia for departure (see our Italy airports map or Sardinia Distances Map for city locations).

For more information or to sign up, see Kayaking Coastal Sardinia. You can also email bkossy@coastside.net to contact Barbara directly.

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