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Sicily Pictures - Travel Photos of Sicily

Sicily is a popular travel destination in Italy with a volcano, beaches, mountains, and centuries of history and tradition. Here you'll find pictures of Sicily's top vacation destinations, including Mt. Etna volcano, cities like Syracuse and Messina, Cefalu seaside resort town, temples of Agrigento, and Sicilian landscapes.

Modica, Sicily Pictures
Pictures of the Baroque town of Modica, Sicily.

Photo Gallery of the Sicilian Carts of Raffaele La Scala
Pictures of Sicilian carts built by master cart builder Raffaele La Scala. Sicilian cart pictures.

Agrigento - Valley of the Temples Pictures
Europe Travel has beautiful photos of Greek temples in the Valley of the Temples taken in spring, 2008.

Cefalu, Sicily Pictures
Pictures of Cefalu on Europe Travel.

Mt. Etna and Messina Pictures
Pictures of Mt. Etna volcano and the city of Messina in Sicily from the guide to Cruises.

Ragusa, Sicily Pictures
Ragusa Ibla, Ragusa's old town and a UNESCO site, is a fascinating place to visit. Take a look at Ragusa Ibla with these photos from Europe Travel.

Scicli - Val di Noto Baroque Town in Sicily
Scicli is an enchanting Baroque town in the Val di Noto. In the hills above town are caves that were recently used as houses and interesting churches. Take a look at Scicli with these pictures on Europe Travel.

Syracuse (Siracusa) Sicily Pictures
Pictures of the Sicilian city of Syracuse (Siracusa) and the Ear of Dionysius cave from Europe for Visitors.

Siracusa and Ortygia Island Pictures
Pictures of Siracusa (Syracuse) and the island of Ortygia on about.com's Senior Travel.

Taormina and Sicily Landscape Pictures
Pictures of the seaside resort town of Taormina and Sicilian landscape pictures taken from a Star Clipper Mediterranean cruise, on about's Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways site.

Pictures of Temples in Agrigento, Sicily
Pictures of Agrigento's temples.

Erice, Sicily Photographs
Erice is a beautiful hill town in Sicily. The Wanderer's Eye has a few beautiful pictures of the town and its tower.

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