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Pictures of Siena, a Classic Tuscan Hill Town


Enjoy these pictures of Siena, a classic medieval hill town in Tuscany famous for its large fan-shaped piazza, Piazza del Campo. The piazza is the heart of Siena and home of the famous summer horse-race and festival, Il Palio di Siena.

Siena is one of Tuscany's prettiest and largest medieval towns and it has one of the best Gothic cathedrals in Italy, see Siena Duomo Photos.

Here are highlights of Siena. Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures larger.

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siena duomo, siena italy picturePicture of the Duomo in Sienasiena picturePicture of the Facciatone panoramic terrace in Sienasiena picturePicture of Siena and the Mangia Tower siena picture, palazzo pubblico, torre del mangia picturePicture of Siena's town hall
torre del mangia picturePicture of Bell Tower in Sienatorre del mangia, mangia tower picturePicture of Mangia Tower on Piazza del Camposiena street scene, siena picturePicture of a column on a fountainsiena restaurant picturePicture of a restaurant on Piazza del Campo, Siena's main square
siena italy, siena night picturePicture of Piazza del Campo at nightPiazza dei Salimbeni picturePicture of Piazza dei Salimbeni in Sienasiena italy picture, siena night picturePicture of Siena's Piazza dei Salimbeni at nightsiena souvenir shop picturePicture of a Siena Souvenir Shop Selling Tuscan Pottery
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