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Suggested Italian Travel Itineraries

If you're planning your Italy travels, you'll want to check out our suggested Italian travel itineraries. Here you'll find suggestions on where to go in Italy to help you plan your Italian vacation.

Saint Francis and Franciscan Sites in Italy
Here are places you can visit in Italy from the life of Saint Francis. The most famous site related to Saint Francis, or San Francesco, is Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi that holds his tomb but there are other important Franciscan sites in Italy. Saint Francis, born in Assisi in 1182, was the son of a wealthy merchant who gave all he owned...

Southern Italy's Top Places to Visit
Five popular places to visit in southern Italy.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy
Find out about Italy's UNESCO world heritage sites and where to visit them.

Eastern Emilia Romagna Travel Itinerary
The eastern Emilia Romagna is just off the traveler's radar. That's odd, because some very compelling travel destinations are to be discovered here. Visit great castles, buy some of the world's great ceramics, and eat well on this itinerary.

Longobards in Italy, Places of the Power
Longobards in Italy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes seven Longobard places of power along the Via Sacra Langobardorum from northern Italy to the San Michele Sanctuary in Monte Sant' Angelo. This would make an interesting itinerary for those interested in historic routes and sites.

Milano & the Lakes Region to Venice by Train
Some of Italy's most compelling cities lie along the short, east-west train route between Milan and Venice. Our suggested itinerary takes you through a variety of Italian landscapes--from the beauty of Italy's lake region, to the town of Shakespeare's Juliet and to the mystical city of the lagoon, Venice.

Rome Three Day Itinerary - What to Do and See with 3 Days in Rome, Ita
Rome is a popular travel destination in Italy and a living museum of history. Today's Rome is a vibrant and lively city with reminders of its past everywhere. In Rome you will encounter Ancient Rome, medieval and Renaissance buildings and fountains, and great museums. Here is a sample 3-day itineray for Rome, Italy.

Three Off the Beaten Path Regions to Visit in Italy
My recommendations for three off the beaten path regions to visit.

Vacation in Italy - How to Spend a Great Two Weeks in Italy as an Independent...
How to experience the best of Italy in just two weeks. You'll experience the grandeur of Rome, the romance of Venice, and the simple pleasures of Italy's heartland by spending a few days in Rome, use a one-week house rental to visit the Tuscan or Umbrian hill towns and countryside, and end with a romantic stay in Venice.

Walking in the Footsteps of St. Francis - Suggested Itinerary
Walking in the Footsteps of St. Francis, from Europe for Visitors, takes in several places in central Italy visited by St. Francis of Assisi.

Best of the Mediterranean Coast Suggested Itinerary
Europe for Visitors' Mediterranean Coast itinerary takes in Spain, France, and Italy.

Suggested European Itinerary - Amsterdam to Northern Italy
Europe for Visitors has a suggested travel itinerary from Amsterdam to the Lakes Region of Northern Italy.

Suggested European Itinerary - Venice - Vienna - Prague - Nuremberg
Europe for Visitors has a suggested travel itinerary that include Venice, Vienna, Prague and Nuremberg.

UNESCO Quadrilateral District
Mantova, the PO Delta, and historic cities in Emilia Romagna northeastern Italy make up the UNESCO Quadrilateral District, an interesting area to visit.

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