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Top Places to Visit in Southern Italy


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Alberobello and the Salento Peninsula of Puglia, the Heel of the Boot
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Alberobello Trulli Picture: Trulli Zone in Alberobello

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The unique trulli of Puglia are one of southern Italy's most unusual sights. Trulli are concentrated in and around Alberobello and the town's trulli zone has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site (see photos)

South of Alberobello the Salento Peninsula offers clean beaches, charming seaside towns like Gallipoli and Otranto, and the Baroque city of Lecce.

Puglia offers a couple of interesting options for lodging. Around Alberobello some trulli have been renovated and turned into hotels or vacation apartments while throughout the region you can stay in a masseria, a restored manor house that has been made into comfortable, and sometimes even luxurious, accommodations. See Trulli Hotels and Masseria Lodging for suggestions.

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