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Things to Do in Italy

Things to do in Italy on your Italian vacation, including tours, festivals, outdoor activities, classes, spas, and volunteer vacations.
  1. Archeology in Italy (3)
  2. Art Classes and Tours (7)
  3. Beaches in Italy (13)
  4. Bicycle Italy (15)
  5. Castles to Visit in Italy (6)
  6. Cooking Classes in Italy
  7. Day Trips from Italian Cities (7)
  8. Family Travel (14)
  9. Italian Language Schools
  10. Museums in Italy (15)
  11. Outdoor Activities (11)
  12. Performing Arts (7)
  13. Shopping in Italy (11)
  14. Tours in Italy (20)
  15. Winter Sports in Italy (5)

Museum and Tourist Attractions You Should Book Ahead
While you can visit most tourist attractions and museums in Italy without a reservation, there are a few that you will want to book ahead to avoid long waits and a few where reservations are mandatory. These are the top sites and museums that you should buy tickets ahead for and where to buy them. By clicking on the link you'll find out more...

Sight-Seeing in Italy's Top Cities
Here are the major tourist attractions and must-see sights in Italy's top cities. Find the best things to see in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and Naples.

Top Ten Cathedrals to See in Italy
These are my picks for the top Italian cathedrals to visit in Italy.

Spooky Places in Italy
Italy has spooky places that you can visit any time of year, not just on Halloween. Find out where to visit catacombs, mummy museums, witch's towns, and scary spots in Rome and take walking tours of spooky places.

Catacombs in Italy
Italy has several fascinating catacombs or underground burial tunnels that can be visited. While most of Italy's catacombs contain skeletons of early Christian burials Sicily has catacombs that contain mummified bodies from the nineteenth century.

Leonardo da Vinci in Italy
Painter, scientist, architect, and Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci left his imprint all over Italy in frescoes, buildings, drawings, and prototypes and blueprints for many of the world's technological milestones. While quite a few of Leonardo's masterpieces reside in museums outside of Italy, there are ample examples of the master's works...

Mummies in Italy
Find out about where to see mummies in Italy. Here are places to see Italian mummies in Le Marche, Sicily, and Umbria, Italy.

Mummies in Italy - The Mummies of Ferentillo
Ferentillo in southern Umbria has a church with naturally preserved mummies in the basement.

Italy UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Northern Italy
Here are Italy's world heritage sites located in northern Italy including cities, mountains, and archaeology.

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