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Where to Go and What to See in Italy


Italy is a popular travel destination with many historic monuments and cities, beautiful scenery, and fabulous food and wine. Here are suggestions for where to go in Italy including Italy's top travel destinations, off the beaten track suggestions, Italian food and wine, Italian festivals and specialty travel vacations.
  1. Top Italy Vacation Destinations
  2. What to See and Do in Florence
  3. What to See and Do in Rome
  4. What to See and Do in Venice
  1. What to See and Do in Tuscany
  2. Southern Italy
  3. The Islands of Sardinia and Sicily
  4. Italy Off the Beaten Track

Top Italy Vacation Destinations

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Here are more popular travel destinations in Italy including other cities, the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera, Lake Como, and Sicily.

What to See and Do in Florence

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Florence, a Renaissance city in the heart of Tuscany, is one of Italy's most popular travel cities. Florence has some of Italy's best museums, beautiful cathedrals and churches, and interesting streets and squares with elegant buildings and shops. Discover what to see and do on your trip to Florence.

What to See and Do in Rome

Rome is a vibrant city with reminders of its past everywhere. In Rome you'll encounter ancient monuments, medieval and Renaissance buildings and fountains, and great museums. Rome is the capital of modern Italy and boasts many fine restaurants and cafes, good nightlife, and lively streets and squares. Here are suggestions about what to see and do in Rome.

What to See and Do in Venice

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Venice is one of Italy's most beautiful and romantic cities, built on the water in a lagoon. It's small, traffic-free streets along the winding canals make for great walking. Venice has many magnificent churches and palaces, lively squares, and interesting shops. Here is information about what to see and do in Venice.

What to See and Do in Tuscany

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Tuscany is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Italy. Tuscany is a large region, with the most varied landscape in Italy. Tuscany has picturesque medieval hill towns, scenic countryside, vineyards, and seaside towns. Here are suggestions for what to see and do in Tuscany's top destinations.

Southern Italy

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Although not as popular with tourists as central and northern Italy, southern Italy has many charming and unusual towns. Here are top Southern Italy travel destinations.

The Islands of Sardinia and Sicily

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Italy's two largest islands, Sardinia and Sicily, are fascinating places to visit. Steeped in tradition, there are many places where you'll feel like you've taken a step back in time. Both islands have great beaches, historic sights, and wonderful food.

Italy Off the Beaten Track

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If you've been to Italy's top cities, you might want to consider some off the beaten track destinations. Enjoy small villages, historic cities, the countryside, and Italian life. Here are suggestions for getting away from the tourist crowds.

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