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Arezzo Wine and Food Routes in Casentino, Tuscany


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Arezzo Wine Country Roads
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Casentino Wine

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The name of the organization is a mouthful: "Strada del Vino Terre di Arezzo" which means Arezzo Wine Country Road. In fact, there are three separate loops in the Arezzo area: The Wine Road (Strada del Vino) and the two "Strada dei Sapori," whose official English name (and literal translation) is "Flavours Road." It may be easier to think of them as food and culture routes. Using Arezzo as a base, you could spend a day on each.

How to Plan Your Visit

Oddly, although the trails were created to promote regional tourism, it's hard to find detailed information about them - especially in English. The official website has an English translation and a good map. If you download the pdf version and enlarge it enough, you'll find three loop routes (strada) outlined, with detailed listings of everything you'll find along the way.

You can read about the specialties of the Casentino region on the next page, but it's also worth spending some time checking the map and researching other places along each route to see what might appeal to you.

A good map is a must. There are no signs for the Strada itself, but fortunately, signs pointing to the businesses along the road are better here than in some other parts of Italy. However, the roads are small and one could easily get misplaced.

Calling ahead is also necessary to arrange visits to many of the places along the road, but don't let that be an obstacle. Everyone we met here was friendly and happy to talk about what they do.

Strada dei Sapori Casentino

We spent our visit in October, 2012 along the road in the Casentino Valley. It's a pretty valley, with a lightly busy main road that wanders from town to town past chestnut- and oak-covered hills.

This little-touristed part of Tuscany is an especially good destination for anyone who complains about how crowded places like Pienza have become. People in Casentino are happy to receive visitors and you'll find lots of opportunities for one-on-one interactions that have long ago disappeared from the mainstream tourist spots.

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