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Arezzo Wine and Food Routes in Casentino, Tuscany


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Products and Foods of the Casentino Tastes Route
casentino grigio pig photo

Casentino Grigio Pig

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The Flavors

Products and foods you'll find along the Casentino Tastes road, or served in local restaurants:
  • Casentino Pecorino cheese, known for the herbs and mountain flower aromas that permeate the milk it's made from. Traditionally served with pears and bread, it's also a good match for a dollop of honey. Another local cheese specialty is ravigiollo, a soft, one-day-old sheep's cheese available only from March through October and typically served as an appetizer in local restaurants.
  • Red cetica potatoes, moderate-sized tubers with white pulp and red veins.
  • Local "Grigio" pigs dine free-range in mountain pastures and they're the basis for some really tasty salami and ham.
  • Chestnuts grow on the mountainsides and a few local mills still produce flour from them. Mullino F.lli Grifoni near Castel San Niccolo (details here) is a charming, small operation that has been in the same family since 1696. The miller doesn't speak English, but his operation is easy to understand.
  • Tortelli, a soft, filled dough pastry filled with butternut squash and potato purée, traditionally served with thinly-sliced ham, soft white cheese, and wilted arugula.
While the Casentino isn't a big wine-producing region these days, it once was and the Camoldolese monks at the 1,000-year-old farm La Mausolea are working to change that. You can stop to buy wine when their shop is open to the public, or call ahead to arrange a guided tour and tasting (making sure to tell them you need an English-speaking guide). This place was the highlight of our visit, so fascinating that we spent over two hours touring the old main house and cellars and their vin santo is the finest we've ever tasted.

For more information about Casentino's local products, visit this site and click from there to local products.

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