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Italy Travel Packing Tips

Packing for a vacation can be difficult if you don't know what to expect. Here you'll find information on what you need to bring with you, how to pack, Italian electricity, and money in Italy.

Electricity in Italy - Power Plugs and Sockets and Converters for Tourists ...
Electricity in Italy, from plug adapters to power transformers and power converters. A primer on making your travel items compatible with Italian elecricity and wall sockets.

Travel Security Items - How to Safeguard Your Money
Here are tips for safeguarding your money, passports, and credit cards and information about travel security wallets and other items.

How to Pack - Packing 101
James Martin tells you how to pack for a European vacation, including tips for dealing with technology you might be taking along.

Top Carry-On Luggage
James Martin, Europe Travel, recommends bags that are carry-on size.

Packing List - Travel Packing List
Kelby Carr has a travel packing list that you can print out to check off items as you pack. Although it's on France Travel, you'd pack the same items for Italy travel.

Packing Tips - Pack your Suitcase to Thwart Wrinkled Clothes
James Martin of Europe for Visitors gives step-by-step tips on how best to pack your suitcase.

Packing Tips from Travel Expert
Find out how people who travel for a living pack their luggage.

Packing Oh So Light - Essentials, Clothing, Toiletries
Kelby Carr of France for Visitors gives tips on packing light for France. These tips will apply for Italy travel packing, too.

Top Travel Accessories
Europe for Visitors has a list of top travel accessories.

Top 10 Travel Essentials
Nancy Parode has a list of the top 10 travel essentials to help with packing for any trip.

Briggs and Riley 20" Carry-On Superlight
Review of Briggs and Riley 20" Carry-On Superlight luggage. Find out about a high quality carry on bag with this carry on luggage review.

Rick Steves Lambskin Travel Wallet
Europe for Visitors review of the Rick Steves Lambskin Travel Wallet, a small wallet for safe traveling.

Wine Mummy
How to pack your wine when traveling. Wine mummy review, carry your wine with wine mummy packing bag. How to carry your wine in your checked luggage.

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