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Pictures of Turin (Torino), Italy


Turin was the site of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy. Turin is known for its Baroque cafes and architecture and its arcaded shopping promenades and museums, some of which you'll see in our pictures.

Turin, or Torino, is in the Piedmont, or Piemonte, region of northern Italy - a region of some of Italy's best wine, cheese, and produce. Over 160 cheeses are to be found in the Piemonte, many sold in open air markets around the city like the markets shown here.

Enjoy our Turin pictures. Click the thumbnails to see them full size.

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turin, martini, vermouth, italy, pictureTurin Picture: Arcade with Martini Signturin, italy, open air market, pictureTurin Picture: dried fruits and olives at a Turin open air market.cheese, salami, open air market, pictureTurin Picture: Cheeses and Salami in a Torino Open Air Marketolives, turin, open air market, pictureTurin Picture: Ah! The immense variety of Olives in Italy!
cakes, pastries, torino, turin, italyTurin Picture: Cakes in a cafe windowturin picture, torino, galleria subalpina, pictureRaining? Duck inside the Galleria SubalpinaVittorio Emanuele II Monument, picture, turinTurin Picture: Vittorio Emanuele II MonumentVittorio Emanuele, picture, monument, turin, italyTurin Picture: Vittorio Emanuele II Monument and Moon, Turin, Italy
turin, italy, picture, doorPicture of a door leading to an interior courtyard, Turin, Italy.turin photoPiazza Castello Pictureturin photoBorgo Medioevale Pictureturin pictureTree Moon and Palazzo Picture, Turin, Italy
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