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Shroud of Turin Visiting Information

How and When to See the Holy Shroud of Turin


A rare exhibition of the famous Shroud of Turin or Holy Shroud, in the in the Cathedral of Turin, has been announced for April 19 - June 24, 2015. The Holy Shroud has only been displayed 18 times in the past and the last exhibition was in 2010 so it's a rare chance to see the Holy Shroud. During the 2010 exhibition period, more than 1.5 million people came to Turin to see the Shroud. Even more are expected in 2015.

Here's information about how and when to see the Holy Shroud of Turin in 2015, watch for updates as more information is released.

Shroud of Turin Reservations

In 2015 the Shroud of Turin will be on display in the Turin Cathedral from April 19 - June 24 (a longer period than in 2010). While there's no cost to view the Shroud, you must have a reservation. You can book online or during the exhibition you can go to the reception area in Piazza Castello, near the Cathedral, for same-day bookings if there are any spaces left. Exhibit hours will probably be 7AM to 8PM, like in 2010, with visits scheduled every 15 minutes. Try to avoid Saturdays and Sundays. Wednesday afternoons are dedicated to sick pilgrims.

The online booking form allows you to see available dates and times available for the date you choose. To reserve choose your date, time, and number of people. After booking, you will be sent a reservation code by email. Bring a copy of the email confirmation with you to the cathedral on your reserved date. The online reservations link will be on this page, at the top left, when reservations can be made, probably near the end of 2014.

Shroud of Turin Exhibition Information

A reception area will be set up in Piazza Castello (near the Cathedral) during the exhibition. You can still enter the Cathedral by the main door and access the central nave during the exhibition but you won't be able to get closer to the Shroud of Turin unless you have a reservation. There will be a special route set up for pilgrims to arrive at the Cathedral. Route Map and Information

Volunteers will be needed to help with reception areas, assisting sick and disabled pilgrims, and welcoming visitors in other Turin churches. Send an email to accoglienza@sindone.org for volunteer information.

Museum of the Holy Shroud

The Museum of the Holy Shroud is currently open daily (not just during the Shroud of Turin exhibition) from 9AM to noon and from 3PM to 7PM (last entry one hour before closing). On display are artifacts related to the Holy Shroud. There's an audioguide available in 5 languages and a bookshop. The Holy Shroud Museum is in the crypt of church of the SS. Sudario, Via San Domenico 28.

What is the Shroud of Turin?

The Shroud of Turin is an old linen shroud with the image of a crucified man. Many believe it's the image of Jesus Christ and the that this cloth was used to wrap his crucified body. Many studies have been performed on the Holy Shroud, in fact it may be the world's most studied artifact. So far there's no conclusive evidence to either prove or disprove these beliefs.

Where to Stay in Turin to See the Holy Shroud

Here are top rated Turin hotels in the historic center, convenient for visiting the Cathedral and viewing the Shroud of Turin.

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