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Photo Album of Top Hill Towns in Tuscany


Take a photo tour of Tuscany, one of Italy's most popular vacation regions. Tuscany's hill towns are top destinations for travelers to Italy. From the highly visited hill towns of central Tuscany like Siena and San Gimignano to smaller, off-the-beaten-track towns like Barga in the north and Pitigliano in the south, Tuscany offers a wealth of travel choices.

Tuscany is in central Italy, north of Rome. You'll find most of these Tuscany towns on our Tuscany Rail Map and Distance Calculator.

Find your favorite Tuscan hill town with these pictures of Tuscany or just enjoy some armchair travel. Click on a photo to see the image larger, find out more about the town, and see the link for more photos.

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barga picture, tuscany photosPhoto of Barga in Hidden Tuscanycertaldo, palazzo pretorio, picture, certaldo altoCertaldo Alto, Red Brick Town in Tuscanycortona photoPhoto of Cortona in Tuscanyfiesole picturesPhoto of Fiesole in the Hills Above Florence
lucca picture, guinigi towerPhoto of Lucca in Tuscanymontepulicano pictures, montepulciano piazza grande picturePhoto of Montepulcianomonte san savino photosPhoto of Monte San Savinopienza pictures, piccolomini palacePhoto of Pienza in the Orcia Valley
pisa pictures, pisa duomo, leaning tower of pisaPhoto of Duomo and Leaning Tower of Pisapitigliano photos, maremma photosPhoto of Pitigliano in the Tuscan Maremmasan gimignano photoPhoto of San Gimignano volterra photosPhoto of Volterra
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