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Monasteries and Mountains in Umbria


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Pascelupo and Hiking in Monte Cucco Park
umbria monastery of San Girolamo photo

Photo of Eremo di San Girolamo in Monte Cucco, Umbria

Eremo di San Girolamo © by Martha Bakerjian

The restored medieval borgo of Pascelupo is a popular center for visiting the northern part of Monte Cucco Park during summer while the rest of the year there are few full-time residents (only one when we visited). During summer there are several festivals and special events and during the Christmas season there's a small Christmas market with stalls set up in people's homes.

Bed and Breakfast La Piazzetta di Pascelupo is in the medieval center and has fantastic views from its back windows and terrace. Ample ingredients are provided for a do-it-yourself breakfast and you have full use of the well-equipped kitchen. Although the web site is only in Italian, you can email the owner in English to make reservations (mimma.mach@libero.it). Here's a look at La Piazzetta di Pascelupo in English.

There is a small bar in the village, open in summer or by request, also run by the B&B owner who lives in a village nearby. A few kilometers back down the hill from Pascelupo is a bar and pizzeria by a small lake in the town of Perticano, popular in summer.

From Pascelupo there are hiking trails and fantastic views. It's a 2 kilometer hike or mountain bike ride to San Girolamo Monastery. Although you can't visit the monastery, it makes a great excursion. Several other trails start from Pascelupo including the trail to Valle delle Prigioni, or Valley of the Prisons. Guided hikes are held during summer and the area is popular for cross-country skiing in winter, too. La Grotta di Monte Cucco, a large cave with caverns, is open to the public for guided visits.

Find out more on the Monte Cucco Park web site.

East of Pascelupo, in le Marche region, are the town of Sassoferrato and the famous Frasassi Caverns. Continue to Page 3 to visit Fonte Avellana Monastery in Marche.

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