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Take a virtual tour of the Umbria Hill Town of Assisi


Take a virtual tour of Assisi, one of the must-see medieval hill towns in the central Italy region of Umbria (see Top Places to Go in Umbria). Assisi is famous as the home town of Saint Francis, or San Francesco, the patron saint of Italy. The Saint Francis Basilica holds the tomb of Saint Francis and is a popular tourist and pilgrimage destination.

Assisi has several interesting churches, Roman ruins, medieval sites, museums, and shops and makes a good base for visiting Umbria. See our Assisi Travel Guide for more things to see and visiting information and see Where to Stay in Assisi for top rated hotels.

Enjoy our Assisi pictures taken by Gail Lipson Photography. Click on the thumbnail to see the photo larger.

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assisi pictures, basilica san francesco picturePicture of Saint Francis Basilica in Assisiassisi pictures, basilica of san francesco picturesPicture of San Francesco Basilica in Assisiassisi picturesPicture of landscaped lawn near the Basilica in Assisiassisi picturesPicture of Assisi spreading up the hill
assisi pictures, rose windowsPicture of Rose Window in Assisi Churchassisi picturesPicture of a shop window display in Assisiassisi picturesPicture of Fountain in Assisiassisi picturesPicture of bells in Assisi
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