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A look at the Umbrian Hill Town of Orvieto


Orvieto is a picturesque medieval hill town in Umbria, dramatically perched on a tufa ridge. Orvieto's top sight is its medieval Duomo or Cathedral, one of the best in Italy. The stunning cathedral facade is decorated with mosaic art work that shines beautifully in sun or rain. Orvieto can easily be visited as a day trip from Rome but it makes a good base for visiting nearby hill towns and attractions in Umbria and Northern Lazio. Our Orvieto Travel Guide has details about what to see, where to stay, transportation, and where to go near Orvieto.

Enjoy these pictures of Orvieto taken in late October, a nice time to visit with very few tourists in town. Click on a thumbnail photo to see it larger.

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orvieto pictures, duomo picturesSide View of Orvieto Duomoorvieto pictures, duomo picturesClose-up View of Art Work on Orvieto Duomoorvieto pictures, duomo picturesView of a Duomo Spire and Clock Towerorvieto pictures, clock tower picturesPicture of Bell Ringer atop Maurizio Tower in Orvieto
orvieto picturesPicture of 12-Sided Tower of Saint Andrew Churchorvieto picturesPicture of Saint Andrew Church and Tower orvieto picturesPicture of San Bernardiniorvieto picturesPicturesque Archway in Orvieto
orvieto picturesPicture of Frescoes on a Building in Orvietoorvieto picturesPicture of Nativity Scene in Orvieto Shop Windoworvieto picturesRoticiani Pictureorvieto picturesView from Orvieto
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