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St. Peter's Basilica Pictures - Vatican City

See St. Peter's Basilica inside and out on our Picture Gallery


The Basilica of Saint Peter (Basilica di San Pietro) dominates the Vatican. You can see its Michelangelo designed dome from a great distance away. Inside, St. Peter's dome is almost as big as the Pantheon.

Saint Peter's tomb is said to be found below the altar, but over 100 others are buried in the Basilica, including 91 popes.

Lines to visit the Basilica are quite long, especially on summer mornings. The best time to visit St. Peter's is the off-season, of course, especially if you plan on seeing the Vatican Museums at the same time. See Saint Peter's Basilica Visitor Information for opening hours and how to go to the top.

Enjoy our pictures of St. Peter's Basilica. Click on each picture to see it larger.

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basilica, st. peter, st peters basilica picture, picturePicture of Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican Cityst. peters basilica, san pietro, picture, entrance lineSt. Peter's Basilica Picture: Entrance Linebernini, colonnade picture, dome, st. petersPicture of the Colonnade and the Dome of St Petersst peters square pictrue, st peter, key to heaven, vatican city, picturePicture of St. Peter holding the key to heaven statue in St. Peter's square
st. peters square picture, fountain, piazza di san pietro, picturePicture of Bernini's Piazza di San Pietro with fountiain and three nuns.passetto picture, passetto di borgo, secret passage, vatican, castel sant'angeloPicture of the Passetto, a secret passageway.passetto picture, tower, picturePicture of a tower of the Passettodome, st. peters basilica, vatican, picturePicture of light streaming from the Dome of St. Peter's Basilica
st peter basilica, picture, domeInside the Dome of St. Peter's Basilicaswiss guards picture, vatican city, swiss guards, picturePictures of the Swiss Guards in front of St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City.alexander vii, monument, bernini, st. peters, pictureAlexander VII Monument by Berninidoor, picture, basilica st peterPicture of the Door to the Basilica of St. Peter
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