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Picture of Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican City

Saint Peter's Bascilica and Egyptian Obelisk


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Basilica of Saint Peter and Egyptian Obelisk

Picture © 2006 by James Martin - Europe Travel, licensed to About.com

This picture of Saint Peter's Basilica was taken from Via della Conciliazione and shows the obelisk from 13th century Egypt. The obelisk once stood in Nero's circus in Rome but is now in Vatican City near Saint Peter's Basilica. The Egyptian obelisk is 40 meters high and was placed near the Basilica on order of Pope Sixtus V in 1585. Saint Peter's Basilica, or Basilica San Pietro, is the mother church of the Catholic religion and is a popular tourist destination. Admission is free. The Basilica can be found on Saint Peter's Square, the vast main square in Vatican City.

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