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Visiting Burano Island in Venice


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Where to Eat on the Island of Burano
burano restaurant photo, da romano restaurant

Da Romano Restaurant on Burano

© by James Martin, Europe Travel

Burano has several good restaurants specializing in very fresh seafood. We recommend Trattoria da Romano, Via Galuppi 221 (closed Tuesdays). Trattoria da Romano is a historic restaurant that has entertained many celebrities and artists and its interior is decorated with paintings from these artists, historic photos and magazine articles. We ate in the outdoor dining area, starting with a mixed antipasto of several seafood dishes. Then we had the risotto, for which the restaurant is famous. Read more in James Martin's review of da Romano

Another often recommended restaurant is Trattoria al Gatto Nero, Via Giudecca 88, recommended by JoAnn Locktov in our Tips for Eating in Venice.

Betsy Malloy, who writes the California Travel site, recommends Riva Rosa on a canal on Via San Mauro (open for lunch only, closed Wednesdays). She says the restaurant is beautiful and makes the best risotto she's ever had.

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